The skills of a female sports coach

It’s a shame that despite all the strides made on women’s equality there is still a chasm when it comes to sport, and in particular, coaching. You don’t often find women dressed in Nike Football Kits, although if they were to start wearing sports clothing more often one of the best places to look is

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Whether you wish to admit it or not there is sex segregation when it comes to sport – men coach the men and women coach the women. Should it really be like that? Are male teams missing out on vital skills and qualities women coaches have to offer? -:

In this article we ask: does it make a difference to be coached by a female?

Female coaches are natural confidence builders

Women coaches tend to be able to empathise with their players better. In the macho world of men’s rugby, there are well-documented cases where players have felt unable to talk about issues or problems they face. The ability of a female coach to listen and empathise with a player’s issues will help them to better achieve their goals during games and in training.

Hierarchy doesn’t matter

Female coaches tend to be less authoritarian. There are a number of hurdles a female coach will have to overcome when coaching men, so whether they drive home the fact they’re in charge, will be less of a concern. Female coaches are generally better at establishing personal relationships more quickly than their male counterparts leading to a happier playing environment. Female coaches also generally lead by consensus allowing more input from players.

Female coaches are naturally more organised

Female coaches generally have a better overall capacity to be organised and prepared when it comes to running a rugby drill. Women are more likely to use all available tools around them to enhance a training session. This allows players to focus solely on their performance.

Balance between competition and cooperation

A female coach’s focus tends to be more on teamwork to achieve results rather than individualism. Women usually reject displays of power, dominance, and control that are shown by individuals within a team. This gives a sense of inclusion to all players within a team and a collective feeling of pride or disappointment depending on the result.

So, does it make a difference to be coached by a female? Well maybe, in fact, being coached by a female could benefit you greatly.