Why Women and Girls Should Play Rugby More

As a woman, rugby might not be top of your list of exercises, but it must definitely be considered by every woman. Here are some of the many benefits that women can enjoy by engaging in rugby sports:

Socially, you will make very good friends for life while playing rugby. You get pretty close to another physically during a rugby match, so you’ll learn to feel very comfortable with your teammates and let go of your inhibitions when you play a game of rugby. You will build team spirit which means you will work 110% to help them and they will do the same in return.

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Being respectful and on good terms with the opposition is also promoted in particular in the sport of rugby. There is a lot of respect, a hunger to win on both sides but with little dislike between the teams. Often you will be laughing over drinks in the club bar after the game.

This is an ideal sport to encourage both girls and women to believe that they can participate at the same level as men. Both male and female games last for 80 minutes, the rules are the same and so is the comparative fitness level. Rugby teaches that gender is not important, but perseverance and determination are. This is a great mentality in terms of helping women at work too, that they should go for that promotion or ask for a raise when they work as hard as the man next to them.

You will have the best body you’ve had for a long time. Your feet will become fit and forget about the legs, stomach, and bum classes at the local gym – rugby provides exceptional workouts that target your entire body. Increasing your stamina is helped by the various exercises available through Rugby Training Drills. Find out more at Sportplan.

Playing rugby increases self-confidence. It shows you are determined and tough, and you can apply this to other aspects of your life such as work and home life.

Everyone is welcome in rugby – you don’t need to be tall or muscular to play the game. Body types and sizes don’t matter, with positions for everyone. Bigger sized ladies make perfect forwards while more petite ladies are great at being wingers, for example.

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Almost everyone who plays rugby will fall for it in a big way. While it can be muddy, tiring, and you might face the odd strange injury, but the adrenaline and excitement are second to none. The feeling when you triumph, get points for your team and realize that you are tougher than you ever imagined just never gets old.

Often staying fit can be boring, especially if you are doing solo activities. Joining team sports provides the opportunity to gain great body shape, feel comfortable with yourself and meet people who think the same way you do.