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The skills of a female sports coach

It’s a shame that despite all the strides made on women’s equality there is still a chasm when it comes to sport, and in particular, coaching. You don’t often find women dressed in Nike Football Kits, although if they were to start wearing sports clothing more often one of the best places to look is

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Whether you wish to admit it or not there is sex segregation when it comes to sport – men coach the men and women coach the women. Should it really be like that? Are male teams missing out on vital skills and qualities women coaches have to offer? -:

In this article we ask: does it make a difference to be coached by a female?

Female coaches are natural confidence builders

Women coaches tend to be able to empathise with their players better. In the macho world of men’s rugby, there are well-documented cases where players have felt unable to talk about issues or problems they face. The ability of a female coach to listen and empathise with a player’s issues will help them to better achieve their goals during games and in training.

Hierarchy doesn’t matter

Female coaches tend to be less authoritarian. There are a number of hurdles a female coach will have to overcome when coaching men, so whether they drive home the fact they’re in charge, will be less of a concern. Female coaches are generally better at establishing personal relationships more quickly than their male counterparts leading to a happier playing environment. Female coaches also generally lead by consensus allowing more input from players.

Female coaches are naturally more organised

Female coaches generally have a better overall capacity to be organised and prepared when it comes to running a rugby drill. Women are more likely to use … Read More...

The Health Effects of Cannabis and Prohibition

Whether you are for or against the Prohibition of Cannabis, it is important to be aware of the facts surrounding the cannabis plant and the consequences of prohibiting its use. Since the inherent focus of cannabis Prohibition is the plant itself, that’s a fine place to focus the discussion.

The overt reason that cannabis is illegal is because of its purported effects on human health. Those who insist on cannabis’ continued placement in Schedule I (no accepted medical value and high potential for abuse) claim that smoking cannabis produces a wide range of negative health problems. The most notable are that cannabis contains far more tar than cigarettes, and can lead to the same health problems as cigarette smoking, such as cough, lung cancer, emphysema, bronchitis, and other conditions. While there is a slight correlation with heavy cannabis use and bronchitis in some individuals, there is no correlation at all for other conditions. In fact, the largest study conducted that examined the relationship between lung cancer and cannabis use found that people who smoked cannabis actually had slightly lower incidences of lung cancer than non-smokers! Also, for people who smoked cigarettes and cannabis, the rate of lung cancer was significantly lower than for those who smoked cigarettes alone.

This is just one piece of evidence of cannabis’ anti-cancer effects, and dozens of peer-reviewed studies have found that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol the well known CBD american shaman CBD store (CBD) contain potent anti-cancer properties. It is for this reason that cannabis smokers also have a 62% less risk of head and neck cancers.

Cannabis is also claimed to cause amotivational syndrome, slowed and reduced thinking, contribute to other cancers, and lead to harder drug use. All of these claims are simply not true. There is no evidence that people who … Read More...

Six winter salads to inspire your menu

Salads, so often the preserve of the balmy summer months, are starting to make their mark on winter menus and rightly so. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients, they’re surprisingly straightforward and completely delicious.

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1. Mackerel, buckwheat & pear salad

The smoked mackerel gives this recipe a rich, salty flavour which is balanced by the fresh sweetness of the pear and the crunch of the celery. Taking its lead from Nordic tradition, the buckwheat is toasted and offers a great texture to the dish.

2. Radicchio salad and manchego vinaigrette

A seemingly plain salad that looks like leafy greens, it’s packed with flavour thanks to Toro Bravo restaurant in Oregon who suggest tossing the salad with a delicate dusting of carefully grated manchego cheese, and consider using a homemade salad dressing to avoid a fierce bite.

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3. Superfood salad

As the name suggests, this salad is full to bursting with goodness and a whole host of flavours and textures to treat the senses. With black rice, goji berries and pumpkin seeds amongst many more, this winter salad can be pulled together very quickly.

4. Warm chicken and spinach salad with chilli

This recipe updates the classic that is chicken salad by loading it with vegetables, and vitamins including tomatoes, pepper, spinach, chillis, and plenty of garlic! An easy lunch for the office.

5. Beetroot and feta salad

The colour of this salad is eye-catching, and the contrast between the deep purple of the beetroot and the bright white of the feta gives it a great standout. Serve it with crusty bread taken straight from the oven for a real treat.

6. Potato, bacon and egg salad

Sounding more like breakfast than lunch, this salad is a modern interpretation of classic potato skins.

Reboot With Joe goes into more …

The power and unity of Food.

A unifying force in the world is food. The coming together of people and families to eat together is a sacrosanct thing in the world. What is it about food that brings us in so that we can celebrate something? It’s not just religion there is also the ancient tradition of hospitality in the Scottish Highlands where a traveller can ask for board and lodgings (blown to bits by the Glencoe Massacre and still remembered today as a huge affront).  Let’s look at some of the times in our lives where food unites us one and all. We often think of meals we enjoy in restaurants where the chefs work hard over a Commercial 4 Burner Gas Oven from as ways in which we best unite with others, but a celebratory meal at home can have exactly the same effect.

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  1. Christmas time. The 25th December is an established date, fixed in time and the year. It is the event that ends the year and is seen as a time for family. The Christmas Dinner, a roast of Turkey, Goose or Beef is one of the most observed traditions in our calendar.
  2. Eid al-Fitr. This is a massive event for our Muslim community and is the Islamic equal of Christmas. If you are lucky to be invited to this feast you be well fed. It is the end of Ramadan and all the family cook and prepare a great meal to celebrate the end of the fasting. They will all have new outfits to show off as well in a joyous time.

Hanukkah. This is a Jewish holiday were the celebration of the rebellion of the Maccabies. Again the important element is food here as the special latke potato pancakes come out along with the sufganiyots or … Read More...

How to warm up for rugby and avoid injury

Injury keeping you from enjoying the sport you love is frustrating, and professional and amateur players alike should include a proper warm up in their routine to stay on the pitch and off the treatment table.

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With a physically demanding sport like rugby, training drills and structured exercise programmes completed before training and matches are found to improve strength, agility and balance.


Traditionally, warm ups included running, stretching and basic drills that would increase temperature of muscles. Usually this would start with low intensity, building up to competition level activity just before kick-off.

The modern-day warm up

Studies have shown that warming up correctly can help reduce risk of both injury and concussion. National rugby governing bodies in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales have all implemented programmes to encourage a more structured approach to warm ups, in response to increased awareness of injuries and serious concussions. Regular warm ups have also been found to benefit the health of vital organs, particularly the heart and lungs.

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Not just on match day

It isn’t enough to just do a quick stretch and jog before the big match. The best results come from following a full, detailed routine regularly. Scottish Rugby recommend at least three times per week: Before long, the routine will become second nature, and overall health and fitness will benefit from sustained activity.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Further benefits have been found with improved mental health. Along with concussion, mental well-being of modern sportspeople is regularly in the news, and preparing correctly before a match helps to keep a positive outlook.

Keep things interesting

Don’t just follow the same warm ups every time, or things could become stale and motivation could dip leading to risk of injury. There are a range of online … Read More...